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Kate Bishop: Queen of not knowing when to shut up


Kate Bishop: Queen of not knowing when to shut up

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 six outfits {6/6}


Her mentor was rubbing off on her in more ways than one. The young hawkette could be found perched on one of the many sturdy branches protruding from one of the trees overlooking Central Park. Her bow was drapped across her knees, momentarily forgotten. A breeze nipped at her skin and she pulled the jacket tighter around her.

Cobalt irises dashed from side to side as she surveyed the park below her. The trees gave her cover from any curious onlookers. Kate swung her legs over the branches in order to allow herself a more comfortable sitting position. As she turned her head to survey the surrounding trees, a slight distortion caught the corner of her eye. Shifting, her eyes landed on a carving in one of the trees. One of those couple carvings. While she couldn’t make out the initials, she could certainly see the heart shaped mark. Kate bit the inside of her lip, straightening her back. It was a tricky shot from her position and angle but….Hawkeye’s words rung through her mind.

Take every shot, Kate. If it’s worth caring about, no matter how impossible you think it is, you take the shot. The bow was in her hand and an arrow notched before she was even aware. Fingers nimbly adjusted their position around the intricate carving, string brought back to her cheek.

Hands relaxed…she let the arrow go, unaware of the woman walking below.


He smiled wryly and patted her hand lightly. “I don’t plan to. I’m working on a way home, if I can get the data and parts to make it work. Dad needs me back home. So I’m helping Jane fix the Bifrost. Staying here is the last thing on my mind. Might visit, though.”

"I’m sure he’d appreciate your loyalty," Kate commended with a returned smile of her own. Her eyebrows twitched and knit themselves together. More magic? Not surprising. "The…Bifrost. I’ve never heard of it before. And I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jane." Inwardly she cursed, yet another sign of her father determined to keep her the sheltered princess.

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